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Service for the CE Mark Compliance

To put in Conformance to " Machinery Directive (CE)" machines built before 1996 may be made in full compliance with the procedure laid down.

In fact, LEGAL PROTECTION on the use of a machine of this kind can only be achieved if behind the Declaration of Conformity exist and can be produced a series of speeches made and a series of documents drawn up according to established criteria.

Aware of the importance and delicacy regarding the Safety matter, Picenumaccanica srl is available to offer this service only to those customers that are available to full compliance with the procedure following described:
  1. Physical findings Machine made from technical experts (relief Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Etc..)
  2. Preparation of Technical Issue made from technical experts
  3. Editor of the Manual of Use & Maintenance as the CE Mark
  4. Defining of interventions for Modifications / Integrations on the machine (Guards, Signals, Etc..) and carried them
  5. Defining the Profile of Workers (Conductors, Maintainers, Installers, Instructions, Training, Etc..) Verification and Execute them
  6. Technical expertise Asseveration issued by a Registered Enabled. This report must certify the correctness, accuracy and completeness of documents, and the performance of all defined interventions.

Service of TECHNICAL-ECONOMIC Advisory on Converting Machinery

The Advisory Service under the TECHNICAL-ECONOMIC aspect  of Machines, may consist of one or more of the following activities:
  1.  Techno-economic Opinion concerning the purchase of Machinery
  2.  Technical-economic Opinion concerning the sale of Machinery
  3.  Technical and/or economic Opinion for modifying / customization of Machines
  4.  Valuation of existing machines
  5.  Opinion Techno-economic concerning the Adaptation with CE Directives of obsolete machinery
  6.  Other advisory services concerning  INVESTMENT on generally machinery

Project Services of RECONVERSION to a new Production

The Service is a TECHNICAL service regarding  the RECONVERSION to a  new production for existing  Machinery. It consists of:
  1. the Survey of the state of existing Machinery as Direct Inspections on machine, Photo-Surveys, Listing of Changes suffered by the machine, Listing of repairs incurred by the machine, Others inspections possible
  2. Feasibility study on the machine to  reconvert
  3. Valuation Technical-Economic for Modifying-works and for Revision-works on machine to be reconverted
  4. Elaboration of one or more alternative proposal for machine Reconversion
  5. Proposal for the entire project Reconversion machine

Service concerning the USED-MACHINE Market

The Service can consist of:
  1. Notice concerning used machines by Selling or Buying
  2. Investigation on the spot  and Estimate of Value and / or Modifications and / or Revision of used machinery
  3. Evaluation of the used machines  to sell or to buy
  4. Riconvertion of used machinery  for new production
  5. Adaptation of used machinery to EC Directives
  6. Suggestion of Staff Expert for Technical spoke on the spot