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Who we are


Presentation of Picenumeccanica srl

The PicenuMeccanica srl is a metal-mechanic company as part of the paper converting machine compartment.

In particular it operates in the equipment intended for producers of paper bags with handles.

 The Picenumeccanica srl was founded in early 2000 by a synergistic initiative between industry experts and a group of young ambitious people armed with goodwill, good skills and strong enthusiasm:

that is why Picenumeccanica continues to act as operator innovator in its field of membership and believes that this is its main mission.

The company is organised with technical efficiency and cost-effectiveness and functional so that all the operational activities (from conception to design or from production to the customer service) are conducted through a continuous commitment to:

     - improve customer satisfaction

     - improve relations with external bodies and suppliers

     - improve the procedures, processes and internal relations.

Since the early years Picenumeccanica invests much of time and resources in Research and Development of machinery, appliances, equipment and operating procedures, the first ever proposed by any other manufacturer of paper converting machinery.

It's for all this and for much more that Picenumeccanica grows every day awareness that his greatest asset is its customers, the dedication and professionalism of staff, substantial know-how acquired so far and the potential development of new know-how in the short, medium and long term.